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Upashana's/ Blogger in Nepal first snow experience

Sikles, Kaski

First snow experience.

From a timid girl who feared her failure to a girl who embraces it with a full heart, this year has taught me a lot. From a girl who was reticent to go to gatherings to a girl who solicits for night outs, this year has braced me a lot.

From a girl who would rather not voice out her thoughts to a girl who chooses to live her life on her own terms, this year has brazened me a lot. From a girl who would prefer not to socialize to a girl who made the best memories with her friends, this year has liberated me a lot.

2078, you shall hold a dear place in my heart. What a year, what an experience. Forever Grateful

Upashana's/ Blogger in Nepal enjoying in nature

Green Valley Resort, Kathmandu

Happy in nature.

As this year is coming to an end, all I feel is gratitude for the experience this year showered me with.
This year taught me to live a little more, love myself, embrace my flaws, let go, be bold, get out of my comfort zone, take charge of things, learn to say no, speak my heart out, be a little closer to self, love my friends and family openly, and lastly, to live in the moment.
In this year I have lost and gained many things, made amazing memories, explored different places, and realized what is best for me.
I am still learning and still on the journey to find myself and hope to be a better version in the coming years. 2078 will always have a special place in my heart. What a year, what an experience!

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