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Her world through her words!


From a timid girl who feared her failure to a girl who embraces it with a full heart, this year has taught me a lot.
From a girl who was reticent to go to gatherings to a girl who solicits for night outs, this year has braced me a lot.
From a girl who would rather not voice out her thoughts to a girl who chooses to live her life on her own terms, this year has brazened me a lot.
From a girl who would prefer not to socialize to a girl who made the best memories with her friends, this year has liberated me a lot.
2078, you shall hold a dear place in my heart. What a year, what an experience.
Forever Grateful!

Midnight Blues!

It’s 12’o clock, and loneliness seeps in as the song “Tere Sang Yaara” plays in the background. I look around, the same old room. the same wall, same bed, same me. Will I ever feel a little sane?
I wonder.
The constant feeling of discontent hits me as I sit here, numb, contemplating my situation.
Will I ever be content?
Will I ever be able to find myself?
Will I ever be able to identify my life’s purpose?
Or, will I continue to have these 12’o clock, 3’0 clock life crisis?

Just Period Things!

The thumping of hearts, the random mood swings. Happy, sad, anxious, and then back to normal. Everything happens within a minute. To comprehend and contemplate such sudden changes and to let that sink in is just tortuous, let alone face it every month.

May each girl who is facing this get the strength to overcome it. I know today you feel like you are worthless. I know you resent yourself so much that you barely want to get up and wash your face. I know your body feels weak and heavy all of a sudden. I know you wanna cry your heart out, but you hold.
Just remember that, it’s just a phase and shall pass away.
You have come this far, so have faith that you will overcome this physical turmoil.

Hope to see you happy and chirpy at the other side after this storm calms down.

Lots of love and strength.

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