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Dusky Notion! Poems

Forest turned into cities.
More buildings and less space in-between.
Skies covered with fogs.
Clouds carrying heavy dirt.
Sun illuminating deleterious rays through the holes we made.
Stars not being able to shine to their fullest.
Moon elucidating the yellowish ray sends us a vigorous message.
And yet, with all the exploitation, the Earth still hopes to be pampered someday.

At Night! POEMS

At night,
When I toss and turn,
When I scrutinize my thoughts,
You cross my mind!
At night,
When I fight for sleep and sanity,
When I struggle for mind’s peace and heart’s ease,
You cross my mind!
At night,
When I question my life choices,
When I regret my life decisions,
You cross my mind!
And, I sit here helplessly,
Thinking about you!
With all the what-ifs and what could,
And, all I can do is write this piece to keep my mind at ease.

Love Yourself!

Love your body a little more, maybe it’s yearning for help.
Love your body a little more, maybe it’s tired of chasing your faith.
Love your body a little more, maybe it’s just catching up a breath.

Let’s break the stereotype of always being hype.
Let’s normalize being vulnerable cuz we are only a human.

It’s okay for your body to break,
It’s okay if it can’t keep up with the pace,
It’s okay for it to feel the pain,
Cuz it has been enduring everything since day one.

Someday, Somewhere!

Someday, Somewhere
The long deep talks that expose one’s vulnerability,
the sharing of recondite secrets,
the unfolding of minds,
the sense of vulnerability yet longing for safeness,
the pause between conversations,
the forging connection,
the exchange of glances,
the burnt red cheeks,
the rampant beating of hearts,
the feeling of ecstasy,
the longing for safeness,
the night with stars and cold breeze,
the beautiful, raw and emotional moment,
Hope, someday, somewhere!

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